Make a curved banner in WordPress


By Web Designers Academy

Meretta asks “Rectangle banners are boring, how do I make a curved banner?”

Brewing the perfect cup of green tea is no simple manner. Neither is making a curved banner in a rectangle world, but the Ninja has mastered the art of the curved banner many moons ago… (more info under the video)

Lessons from this video:

  • Click HERE to download the Photoshop file from the video
  • Make sure that your circle color matches the background of the content (usually white)
  • Get the Signature skin for the complete (and really sexy) look (no longer available)
  • Choose banner images that are colorful, attractive and make people want to stick around your site!  Use Fotolia or iStockphoto… you can usually find a great photo for under 10 bucks.
  • Don’t play photographer, unless you really are one (just spend the 10 bucks!)