Make some extra $ today (includes copy and paste email)


By Web Designers Academy

Every once in a while an opportunity arises… today is one of those days.

I should start by saying that it’s been speculated for awhile that Google was going to do this and they’ve just officially pulled the trigger and I’m so glad they did.

Google is going to be making a change to their search algorithm that can (probably) make you a few thousand dollars over the next month.

So here’s the deal, The Googs recently said this…

“Starting April 21, we will be expanding our use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. This change will affect mobile searches in all languages worldwide and will have a significant impact in our search results.

[read entire announcement here]

It goes on to talk about some other changes, but let me sum it up for you: if a particular website isn’t mobile friendly, Master Google will not be happy.

It’s a potential goldmine for some of you out there (especially clients with older websites) and here’s how to capitalize off it.

Make Some Extra $

That announcement is Google giving you lemons, and you know what to make with lemons right?

No, not lemonade.

The correct answer is… MONEY.

After reading that announcement I knew there was an opportunity there.

I had to write and let my clients know about the impending Google change (and how it will impact them) before it gets too close the 4/21 deadline.

So here’s what I did (and you should do right now), I went through my portfolio looking for sites that are NOT mobile-friendly, I compiled a list and I started emailing.

I want to share the actual email with you… hopefully that will make your life a bit easier (and help you make some money)

Here it is:

Hey ____!

How are things?  I hope everything at _______ is going great for you guys!

I just read some news that I wanted to make sure you knew about… it’s an announcement from Google about a change they are making that will affect the website ranking of

I know I’ve mentioned it before, but Google is really pushing for sites to include responsive design to make them mobile-friendly.  So they announced that as of 4/21/15, whether or not a site is mobile-friendly will have an impact on it’s rankings.

Read the official announcement here (it’s not that long)

Crazy huh?

Let me know if you want to chat about making your website mobile-friendly… on first glance it will probably cost $____ and take about _____.

Talk to you soon,

How easy is that?

Sooooo I’ll be making tons of existing website mobile friendly the next few weeks… what about you?

Your friends,
Amy & Ian Anderson

Lemon photo by David~O