Making Facebook Ads? Use this as a Photoshop template!


The Learn Gravity Forms is going great!

It hasn’t even been a month since it launched and we are already getting positive feedback and a lot of happy customers!

One of the ways in which we got some of those happy customers is by running ads that directed interested people to and once there they usually signup to get a few free lessons or they make a purchase.

Either way… great!

We started by running ads on two different ad networks, Google AdWords and Facebook Ads and I gotta tell you… there is one clear winner.

Before I tell you which one is AWESOME, I do have to tell you that unless you have an amazing product that you truly believe will help lots of people – do NOT run ads to it.  People can sense fakeness.  People know when they are being conned – don’t do it.


The one ad network that delivered the most results (most clicks with the lowest cost) is Facebook Ads.  To show you just how great it was, take a look at this simple graphic:

NOTE: The data was collected over the course of 7 days (small test I know) but the data after that timeframe has remained pretty much consistent.  We had the same budget and tried to match the display settings on both ad networks as best as we could.  

See the difference in clicks! OMG!

Facebook totally kicked Google butt… not even close!

If you’ve been thinking about running ads to your business, I highly recommend Facebook and if you are going to start running Facebook ads you are going to need to create them and we’ve got you covered

Facebook Ad Template

There are a lot of different ways to create Facebook ads but the most common are ads that are 600 X 600 (square) with some copy around them.  This post is about the actual images, so I’ll skip any talk about ad copywriting for now.

Below you’ll see the FOUR Facebook Ads that we’re running (they appear together in a feed):


As you can tell, the ads are happy, colorful and don’t have a ton of text on them (people are lazy and hate reading tons of ad copy).

They were all made in Photoshop and I want you to be able to quickly make Facebook Ads, so click the button below and download the original Photoshop (.PSD) file of the ads above so you can change colors, copy, etc…

Your friend,
Ian Anderson

PS: The price of the course is going up at the end of March, so if you haven’t gotten a copy yet, go do it now!  Go here: Learn Gravity Forms