My First Trigger Box


By Web Designers Academy


So, now that you have WP Triggers installed I’m going to walk you through painting your first trigger box and it’s going to be a real simple one. On the left in the admin menu of your website you should see a new entry that says WP Triggers down here. Simply click on it. Here we’re at the main WP Trigger screen and obviously we don’t have any trigger boxes because we haven’t added one yet so you can just click on add new.

All trigger boxes need to have a name. Now this is our first trigger box so I’m going to call it “My first trigger box” and here this is where we type in the trigger and now our example is going to be a really simple question and that simple question is going to be “Is WP Triggers an amazing plug-in” and of course the answer is yes. So the trigger here is going to be the word “Yes.”

Now you don’t have to worry about uppercase or lowercase. Even though I type in all lowercase someone can type it in all uppercase and will still be a valid trigger. So case isn’t a problem here. So if someone types in yes what do we say to them? Well, we say, “Great job you win” and then down the bottom if someone doesn’t type the valid trigger so for example if they say no to our question or if they say anything else other than yes what do we say to them? Well say, “Are you sure of that? Want to think about it.”

Once you’ve typed in those three pieces of information simply click “save changes.” Now that will redirect us to the main WP Trigger screen we got home here that short code. Either select that short code with your mouse right click and choose copy. Now let’s go add it to a page. So I’m going to move my mouse over pages and click on “add new” and I’m going to call this “My first trigger box.” I’m just going to right click on the content are and choose paste and I want to click on “publish.”

Once it’s saved – actually it just have our question. So the question was, “Is WP Triggers an amazing plug-in?” Click “update” and view my page so it says, “Is WP Triggers an amazing plug-in?” of course the right answer is yes and it says, “Great job you win.” So that’s the first sort of tutorial I want to show you and it’s really simple and that’s what you’re going to do to get your first trigger box. Enjoy.