Just how long is an “Advanced” Gravity Form? This long…


Since the launch of the Learn Gravity Forms course, I’ve gotten a ton of praise for it and oddly enough, I got a bunch of question about the exact same topic… one of the Bonuses.

Specifically, people want to know exactly what the Pre-made Gravity Forms consist of and they want one looks like.

I figured I would share my response with you, incase you have the same question! First of all, below is a list of the pre-made gravity forms that are included in the Ninja package:

> Life Insurance Quote
> Gift Card Purchase
> Nonprofit Donation Form
> Mortgage Loan Application (Advanced)
> Nonprofit Volunteer Form
> Personal Loan Application (Advanced)
> Employment Application
> Flood Insurance Quote
> Business Insurance Quote
> Auto Loan Application (Advanced)
> Home Insurance Quote (Advanced)
> Auto Insurance Quote (Advanced)
> Auto Insurance Quote

BTW: The first 5 are the only ones included in the Rockstar package (Ninja package gets em’ all).

Just to show you how ginormous these advanced forms are I’ve taken a screenshot and put it below.

Get ready to  sscccccrrroooolllllll forever!

Whew!  Tired of scrolling?

That incredibly long screenshot is from the Gravity Forms admin area and shows you just how long and complex a pre-made “Advanced” form is! A lot of the forms also use conditional logic and pagination but that’s kinda hard to see when looking at a screenshot 🙂

Imagine having to build those forms by hand? OMG. How long that would take? Just these bonuses alone are worth the price of the course!

If you haven’t gotten a copy of Learn Gravity Forms yet… stop reading this and snag your copy.

Your friend,
Ian “Gravity Forms Ninja” Anderson

PS: If you want to see another crazy-long form go HERE