Behind The Code Show: Robby McCullough


About This Episode

Robby McCullough (@robbymccullough) is one of the three co-founders of the best WordPress website builder named Beaver Builder (@BeaverBuilder) – which is the ONLY WordPress theme / framework / page builder that the Web Designers Academy recommends.

For the last few years the entire Beaver Builder team has learned a lot about growing a company, from how to initially get the word out about your new product, to creating a superior support system for customers, to forming strategic relationships with big players in the industry and you’ll hear all about it.

This one product has had such a huge positive impact on everything we do… so when he agreed to chat with me I was thrilled! And yes, the entire Web Designers Academy website design is now build on Beaver Builder!

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In this hour-long episode, we talk about:

  • The birth of Beaver Builder (Hint: from a Craigslist ad)
  • Which co-founder is good at doing what
  • How to run a great support system for your digital product
  • How they initially got the word out about Beaver Builder
  • What one thing has driven the most sales (Hint: a weekend in Cabo, Mexico with a WordPress guru)
  • How the Beaver Builder team tests new product features
  • The one pain-in-the-ass thing they are trying to fix right now
  • How they got Beaver Builder into the GoDaddy ecosystem
  • If he could do it all over again, what he would do differently
  • Where he sees Beaver Builder in 5 years (BONUS: my prediction as well)
  • His favorite beer (at the moment)
  • How he feels about the US Presidential election (Hint: it’s not what you think)

Show Notes

Links to things Robby mentioned in this episode:

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