Since we just activated our comment system, the next phase of WDA has begun! And what better way to start commenting than helping another reader?

You up for it?

[The following emails have been published with permission from the sender]

Noel & Craigslist

Craigslist is the Internet’s home of local yard sales, creepy guys in leather, cheeseburger beds (I’m sure that gets all the ladies) and amazing deals on Viagra. But every once in a while a normal person will post a non-crazy ad on there too… like requests for web designers.

Enter Noel.

A few days ago we received this email:

It seems that his web design business model basically works like this:

  1. Noel uses a Craigslist scraper/notifier to receive alerts of people posting web design jobs on Craigslist.
  2. Noel emails about 5-7 people a day with this offer:

    (of course ‘landscaping’ would be changed to whatever the industry is)
  3. I’ve blocked out that link (as requested by Noel) but it links to a one-page website created with a design from the Design Club.  That one page has a a few paragraphs of content, a thumbnail of every design in the Design Club (each one links to the corresponding design demo) and then a simple form (name, business name, email, etc…) for people to fill out if they are interested.

Noel is not having much success (and that sucks) and since comments are now activated and there are some bright people here, let’s see if we can help Noel get more sales.

Share your thoughts and ideas below…we’d love to hear what you’ve got!

Your friends,
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