Share your advice OR Learn from experienced web designers


NOTE: If you are new to web design.. scroll down to the comments!!

Ever wish you could go back in time and start your web design career over?  What would be different?

Would you now be working at a huge web design company in London OR would you be working at home from sunny Florida in your pjs?

Would you have focused on getting a few really large clients OR a bunch of little clients?

Unfortunately time travel isn’t available yet (there was some sort of caveman accident?) BBUUTTTTT there is something you can do… you can help someone else who is just starting out in this field.

You Are Powerful

While we’ve never met, I know that YOU (yes, you) have some real-world experience that can help someone else… if you’d only share it.

Think about that.  This very minute… you have the power to help steer someone around the mistakes that you made.

The question is…. will you?

If we all contribute (just a sentence or two), this can become a great starting point for people looking to get into the field of web design.

I know I was there once (a long, long time ago)… thinking about what to do with my life, and if I hadn’t made the decision to get into the field of web design… I wouldn’t be typing this to you from sunny Florida in my pjs.  🙂

Let’s help others follow their dreams.

And to kick things off, I’ll go first…