The Always Up-to-Date Guide to

The Best Free Stock Photos & Videos

In the past, if you wanted to have gorgeous photos or videos for your web project you had two choices: hire a photographer/videographer OR buy crazy expensive stock photos/videos.  Both options requires you to spend some money... however there is now a third (and very attractive) alternative and it's driven by people who are talented and passionate about their work.

Enter the world of free stock photos and videos.

Picture this: you're good with a camera, real good, and you do have a lot of fun taking photos and shooting videos, you're not all that interested in being a photographer or videographer full time but you do want to share your passion with other people... so what do you do?  Give your work away for free.

In recent years a lot of passionate photo/video folks have followed this model and now the Internet is filled with sites that offer free photos and videos but how do you know which one is the best?  How do you know which ones you should visit? We can help you with that.

We put researched and compiled a list of the top places to find quality free stock photos and videos.  One super-important thing to remember is that people are giving these away for free and if there is anything you can do to help them (like give them a link on a 'Photo Credits' page on your site) while most of these are not required you should do it.

NOTE 1: If you want to see how we calculated this score, scroll down below the table.
NOTE 2: This table was last updated on November 13th, 2016.
NOTE 3: If you have a great resource that is not included here please email us.

NameMedia TypeSignup required?Attribution required?Searchable?# of ItemsScore
PexelsPhotos & VideosNoNoYes500+100
PixabayPhotos & VideosNoNoYes500+100
Negative SpacePhotos OnlyNoNoYes500+88
Life Of PixPhotos OnlyNoNoYes500+88
UnsplashPhotos OnlyNoNoYes500+88
MagdeleinePhotos OnlyNoSometimesYesCan't determine81
PicographyPhotos OnlyNoNoYes100-50081
CoverrVideos OnlyNoNoYes100-50081
Re:splashedPhotos OnlyNoNoNo500+75
VideezyVideos OnlyNoYesYes500+75
IM FreePhotos OnlyNoYesYes500+75
Little VisualsPhotos OnlyNoNoYes0-10075
VidevoVideos OnlyNoNoYesCan't determine69
MazwaiVideos OnlyNoSometimesYes0-10069
Free HD FootageVideos OnlyNoNoNo100-50069
Lock and Stock PhotosPhotos OnlyNoNoYesCan't determine69
Free Range StockPhotos OnlyYesSometimesYes500+69
StokpicPhotos OnlyNoNoYesCan't determine69
SplitShirePhotos OnlyNoNoYesCan't determine69
We DistillVideos OnlyNoNoYesCan't determine69
GratisographyPhotos OnlyNoNoYesCan't determine69
Ignite MotionVideos OnlyNoNoNo0-10056
Stock Footage For FreeVideos OnlyYesNoYesCan't determine56
GetRefePhotos OnlyNoNoNoCan't determine56
Death to stock photoPhotos OnlyYesNoNoCan't determine43