The Lost Art of Footer Design – Some Inspiration To Make Great Footers


It’s hard to make every single element on a website “pop”.

You know what, I really hate that word “pop”.

Clients use that word all the time… Can you make my logo “pop” a little more? That banner needs a little more “pop”!  That text needs to “pop” more.

Really? WTF is POP anyway?

From years of trying to understand my clients emails, basically “pop” is a non-techie person’s way of saying “make this particular thing more exciting”.  One of the areas that typically don’t have any “pop” whatsoever is the footer area.

To help fight under used footers, I visited a ton of websites and found the ones with the best footers and I took a screenshot of the footer area.  Here they are…

Click on any thumbnail to enlarge.

Awesome, right?  Are you feeling inspired to make a great footer?

Before you go, did you notice anything from those footer?  I did.

Footer Design Best Practices

A few things that I noticed from trying to understand the footer design best practices from all these websites:

  1. Footers typically contain links to the main pages of the website (not ALL pages, just the important ones)
  2. Footers are typically a different color than the content/body area of the page
  3. Most footers contain either columns of information or some centered copy/links
  4. Social media links and a greyscale logo are typically found in the footer
  5. Footers with action items (Get An Account, Join Newsletter, etc…) seem like a great idea

I hope you found these screenshots useful and if you ever need some footer design inspiration come back to this page and checkout this gallery again.

Your friend,
Ian “Footer-Fetish” Anderson

PS: While the below GIF recipe for Salted S’mores Truffles has absolutely nothing to do with designing footers, this looks sooooooooo amazing and I will absolutely be making these this weekend!  I can probably down at least two dozen over the weekend… bigger pants here we come!