WP Triggers was great before… but it’s about to become legen… wait for it… dary!

Since November 27,  2012 our plugin, WP Triggers, has been helping web designers from all over the world create fun and useful websites and the newest version (4.0) is almost here!  

Here is a quick recap: The plugin is based around a simple idea: the admin enters in “Triggers” (which are typically a series of numbers or a word) and associated “Actions” (displaying text, showing a Google Map, redirecting the user to another page, etc…), kinda like this:

When website visitors sees the trigger box it includes instructions on what to enter, such as:

  • Enter your zip code and see if we deliver to your house
  • Type the first word on page 27 in the book
  • Enter the WKX107.1 radio promo code
  • Find the barcode ID number at the bottom and enter it below
  • Are you ready to begin?  Type Yes below

Now the website visitor types in their “trigger” and the “action” kicks in.

It’s simple, useful and perfect for the creative type.

And it’s about to get a whole lot better!

We Listened To You

Over this past year, we’ve received tons of questions, comments and suggestions from people.  Sometimes it was someone asking “Is there a way to enter in thousands of triggers without typing them all?” and sometimes it was “This is really, really frustrating I’ve been trying to style my trigger box for hours and I just can’t do it”.  We compiled the issues people were having and ranked them in order of frequency and urgency.

While it’s not 100% ready to be released, I wanted to give you a preview of the new features you’re going to love.  Here are screenshots of just SOME of the new featured in WP Triggers 4.0:

Click on any screenshot to enlarge:


WP Triggers now supports two types of Wildcards!  Instead of having to type out hundreds of zip codes you can now use an underscore _ to represent one character or a percent sign % to represent multiple characters, like this:


You can now toggle between having your trigger box be styled using your theme CSS OR you can override it and use the simple controls like text color, alignment, text size, etc…


Previously you could only display HTML if the submitted trigger was not found, how you can redirect users to any URL and display WP Shortcodes.


One of the most requested features of WP Triggers was the ability to have some text within the box so people can know what to type in, well now you can enter in Placeholder text!  You can also make the box SHAKE a little to draw attention to it and even limit the user to only typing in numbers (not letters).

But here’s the best part… THIS IS NOT THE ENTIRE LIST OF UPDATES!

That’s right!  This is only a few of the updates coming to WP Triggers soon!  We’ll announce new features next week!

If you’re loving what you’re seeing so far and you’re excited about the new version of WP Triggers, there is a way you can help release it sooner

6/9/2016 Update = We’ve got plenty of testers!  Thank you guys so much, we’re looking forward to the release!

You Can Help ~ Testers Needed

An important part of every major update (and I would file this under MAJOR) is that is gets tested on a variety of websites, servers, mix of other plugins, etc… and we could use some help with that.

We can only test so much.  We only have so many ways to test all these new features.

If you want to get involved with helping to bring the new version of WP Triggers to market send us an email and we’ll get you a working copy and a list of some things to test out.  If you’re the type of person that likes to play around with new software before it is released, this is for you!

In exchange for your help you’ll get a free copy of the final version AND a shoutout + link on our website!

Your friend,
Amy Anderson