This would have saved us 7.3 DAYS of time last year… what about you?


“Can you stop by and show me how to change the phone number on my contact page?” – Cient A

“How can I add a new blog post?” – Client B

“If you are going to be around, can you show me how to add a photo to my homepage?” – Client C

How many hours per week do you spend answering those types of questions?

How many times do you have to drive to your clients office and show them how to edit something on their website?

Let’s figure that out!

The Time-Vampire Calculator

Enter in the number of websites you launch per year and the number of minutes it takes to drive to your clients office:

When we filled that out, it was 7.3 business days.

That’s a week in the Bahamas with my husband!

OMG!  HOLY F#$%^&*!!

The Solution?

The solution is to automate the most time-sucking part of this is to educate your client on how to edit their website.

So what we did was we found a way to educate them WITHOUT us having to repeat ourselves with each website launch and WITHOUT us having to drive to their office.

We made a video, and here is a 2 minute sample of that video…

This video shows the client how to login, how to edit text, how to add a hyperlink, how to add a new page… and a lot more.

Of course every website is slightly different and it might not cover 100% of every single thing each client would want to do on their website…

but it gets the majority of the problems handled.

Need This?

The entire 21-minute HD Vimeo video is available to members of the Toolkit.

You also don’t have to worry about bandwidth or hosting the video file somewhere.

Click the link to see all the other awesome stuff you get…


Spend your day designing websites and making money… not answering the same questions over and over again.

Your friends,
Amy & Ian Anderson

PS: Looking for flights to the Bahamas right now!  Atlantis hotel here we come!