Understand Photoshop layers in just 9 minutes [VIDEO + DOWNLOAD]


By Web Designers Academy

When people think about creating websites, most people think of creating thousands of lines of HTML code.

But that’s not entirely true.

A lot of the technical stuff is already done for you when you setup a site with WordPress, however there is one thing is almost always overlooked…

Graphic design (aka Photoshop skillz).

One of the fundamental elements of understanding Photoshop is ‘getting’ the concept of layers.

So if you’re new to Photoshop take the next 9 minutes and watch this video.

PS: To help you understand layers a bit better, download the PSD Photoshop file of that photo at the top of the page (with the road and PS icon). You’ll be able to tear it apart and see how it was created (it’s pretty simple).

PPS: Photoshop used to be like $1,000 but now they give you the latest version for only $20 a month… it’s called Creative Cloud (it’s what we use)