Update WP Triggers


By Web Designers Academy

Ready to update to the latest version of WP Triggers with the NEW awesome features? Just watch this video. Don’t have time? No problem, scroll down a bit to read the instructions.

To update to the latest version of WP Triggers, just follow these steps:

Due to the upgrading of the database for the awesome new features, you must manually backup your Triggers!
It’s a bit ghetto, I know – but it’s also totally worth it!

  1. Start by downloading the latest version of WP Triggers (from CodeCanyon)
  2. Login to your WordPress site
  3. Go to the main WP Triggers screen
  4. Click on the first Trigger Box you have configured
  5. Copy the Triggers and HTML from the Trigger Set 1 box
  6. Paste that information into a notepad
  7. Continue until you have copied ALL the trigger information from ALL your trigger boxes
  8. Now, go to Plugins and Deactivate WP Triggers
  9. Then Delete the old version of WP Triggers from your site
  10. Go to Plugins > Add New > Upload
  11. Upload the new version of WP Triggers and Activate it
  12. Go to WP Triggers > New Trigger and rebuild your old Trigger Boxes
  13. You’re done, be happy!