Version 3.5 is here – Say hello to the Submit button!


By Web Designers Academy

After a wayyy tooo long time, I’m happy to release version 3.5 of WP Triggers which includes the most requested feature: a submit button. But not just any submit button! Oh no! This one has a bunch of options for you to play with! Below is a little graphic with an explanation of each part, enjoy!

  1. Activate Button – Check this box to activate the submit button for this particular Trigger Box
  2. Button Placement – Where should the button be placed?  You have two options here, to the Right of the Box and Below the Box (left aligned)
  3. Button Options > Regular Button – Just want a plain submit button?  Select this option and then type a label for the button, something like  GO > or Verify Zip Code would work well!
  4. Button Options > Image Button – Looking for a fancier button?  Enter in the image URL of your submit button and WP Triggers will use that as the submit button!  For example, you could enter this URL:

And of course, make sure you SAVE your button options! Hope you like it!