What’s new in WP Triggers Version 3.0?


By Web Designers Academy

Learn how to update your WP Triggers to version 3.0

WOW!  With feedback from WP Triggers users all over the world I’m proud to show you WP Triggers 3.0!  These updates reflect the most common update requests from existing users.

Shortcode Support

You can now use shortcode from other plugins in your Trigger Boxes!  For example you can display a NextGen gallery or a Gravity Forms form if the visitor guesses the answer to a question.

To enable shortcode support, just check the “Contains Shortcode” box!

Built in Redirection

You can easily redirect visitors to any URL just by pasting in a link (no more javascript coding).  This is can be used for secret pages or ebook downloads.

To enable redirection, choose “Redirect visitors to this URL” on the right

Any Valid Email Address is a Trigger

There is now a checkbox to enable any valid email address to be used as a Trigger.  This can be really useful when you want to reward people that give you their email address – in exchange for an ebook or a special video.  This feature is integrated beautifully with the new Trigger History feature.

To enable visitors to enter in their email address, just select “Use any valid email address as a trigger” on the left

Trigger History

What Trigger was submitted?  Was it a valid Trigger?  When? Now any Trigger submitted via any Trigger Box is saved with the date and time.  This is a great to know what Triggers are being used the most.  NOTE: You’ll always find people submitting funny things!

The Trigger History section is found under the main WP Triggers menu entry.  You’ll also find useful sorting / filtering features!

Better Add / Edit Trigger Box layout

The layout has been improved, making it a lot more user friendly… those of you who have the older version will see the sexy new layout!  Enjoy!

Overall, it’s a HUGE upgrade to the awesome interactivity powers of WP Triggers!  Click to see some clever uses for WP Triggers. If you’re kinda feeling like the kid that never gets picked in Gym class?  Unlike middle school, about 15 bucks can fix that – go grab yourself a copy of WP Triggers

Learn how to update your WP Triggers to version 3.0