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Welcome to the first ever voting page for the WDA Design Awards!

A little over a week ago we asked you, the incredibly-attractive web designers from all over the world, to submit your best design that you recently launched.

We received a total of four great submissions (see them here)… we were hoping for a bit more but there will be more competition next month for sure!

March 2015 Design Award Nominees

Here are the submission in alphabetical order, click on a thumbnail to launch the website and see more details:









Our Votes

We want to be helpful and supportive of all design submissions, so here’s what we think…


  • BirdsOnTheBlog
    • LIKE – Nice background image (of the woman in the city).
    • LIKE – I like the center navigation menu and how the lady seems to be looking at it.
    • LIKE – Nice signup form, I know what a pain it can be to style those.
    • LIKE – Like how the direction the lady is looking changes on inside pages.
    • LIKE – I like the blog page, it’s nice to use images with the latest blog posts instead of just text.
    • NO LIKE – The quick menu transition and then the menu disappears (it should stick to the top of the browser when the visitor scrolls.)
    • NO LIKE – Homepage opening content could use a heading / graphic.
    • NO LIKE – Footer should be much shorter for the amount of text that’s in that spot.
    • NO LIKE – Could use more pops of color and a few more well placed images.
  • IbukiSushi
    • LIKE – When the homepage first loaded, I thought… OMG!  Gorgeous photo!  Great job putting the logo on it.
    • LIKE – Overall great first impression it made me think “this looks like it’s going to be a really nice sushi restaurant” (which I <3).
    • LIKE – Great use of background images.
    • LIKE – The 3 boxes have nice balance…clean, simple and nice.
    • LIKE – This is a great example about how having really great photos can help enhance the overall design of the site!
    • LIKE – Clean and modern.
    • LIKE It makes me really hungry for sushi right now!!!
  • LainEhmann
    • LIKE – Nice positive message and scripty font.
    • LIKE – Nice bright colors.
    • NO LIKE – I found the color swatches on the menu a bit confusing.  I thought it was a legend for colors (link meaning to colors).
    • NO LIKE – The scrolling images seemed a bit random (a clock? A TV? What’s the message here?) When I clicked on the scrolling images, I didn’t have a way to know what page it was going to bring me to.
    • NO LIKE – Placement of the social media icons (header or footer would have better.)
    • NO LIKE – Why is the content in iframes?
    • NO LIKE – There is a broken image on the About page.
  • TeamMusto
    • LIKE – Nice photography (that’s a beautiful area).
    • LIKE – Really nice background image slider on the homepage.
    • LIKE – Nice colorful buttons.
    • LIKE – Like the sidebar styling, the signup form fits nicely right there.
    • NO LIKE – The navigation menu color feels like it’s a random color. The logo has a bunch of bright colors…to compliment the logo’s color scheme the menu should be one of those colors.
    • NO LIKE – The footer has an a bit of unused space and could be shortened up a bit (but overall the placement of the content is nice!)
    • NO LIKE – Empty text widget at the bottom?
    • NO LIKE – The testimonial area seems way to tall.  A testimonial rotating plugin could be used to shorten up the height.
    • NO LIKE – The inside pages needs some color, maybe use one of their gorgeous photos to create an image that goes across the top of the inside pages to add some color.
    • COMMENT – More padding between menu entries (they seem a bit crunched).
    • COMMENT – Add a sidebar on homepage to organize the content a bit better.

MY VOTE – As you can tell, the winner for me is definitely IBUKI SUSHI.  The photos, the layout, the logo… it’s all working!  Great job!


  • BirdsOnTheBlog
    • LIKE – This has a really nice ‘Latest Posts’ section on the homepage… great color from the photos helps an otherwise cold scheme.
    • LIKE – While it has nothing to do with design, the advertising revenue from the site goes to help fund two little Ugandan girls education… which is awesome!
    • NO LIKE – The header navigation menu gets weird as you scroll.
    • NO LIKE – It’s a very cold color scheme (lots of light blues and grey), it could use some more color on the inside pages.
  • IbukiSushi
    • LIKE – This site has amazing photos of sushi (apparently those are NOT stock photos).
    • LIKE – It’s a one page site (less clicking to navigate).
    • LIKE – I like how the full screen background images appear as you scroll.
    • NO LIKE – This is just my analness but the 6 white boxes at the bottom should all be the exact same height.
  • LainEhmann
    • LIKE – It has a really nice colorful color scheme, the stark white background and the bright colors go well together.
    • LIKE – This has nothing to do with design, but the Panic Button is a great idea to help people on the verge of a nervous breakdown (PS: it should actually be a button with ‘Panic’ on it, not just a regular navigation bar entry).
    • NO LIKE – A lot of the pages use iframes to show content, that’s something a lot of websites did 10 years ago (there’s no need/benefit to using them here).
    • NO LIKE – I hate when navigation links take you to other sites without telling you (The ‘Lights, Camera… Videos’ takes you to YouTube), a better way to show a bunch of YouTube videos would be to install TubePress and keep the visitor on the site.
  • TeamMusto
    • LIKE – The homepage has really gorgeous photography of homes and the transparent header works well over those photos.
    • LIKE – I like the colorful buttons that make getting around easier (great job keeping them on the inside page sidebar as well).
    • LIKE – While it might not be fair to other web designers, I gotta give some hometown love to this one!  These realtors serve a lot of Tampa Bay (where we live).
    • NO LIKE – The inside pages kinda lack color, just a thin strip of a photo would have made every inside page better.
    • NO LIKE – The logo doesn’t link to the homepage?

MY VOTE – But the winner for me is IBUKI SUSHI.  The full screen photos really work well!  I love the simple black and white logo (look fancy), I love the simple color scheme and the designer used a nice photo of sushi on all the inside pages to make those pages interesting as well. And how I know it’s a great design… I now want sushi.

Your Votes

If you are not familiar with how this works, our votes are only worth a total of 30%, so that leaves 70% of the vote up to you, the web designers from around the world.

Voting ends on April 20th, so vote right now!

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