Unlimited access to all training.
Unlimited web design critiques.
Unlimited live office hours invites.
Unlimited help with your projects.
Unlimited help dealing with clients.

Unlimited access to all training.

Unlimited web design critiques.

Unlimited live office hours invites.

Unlimited help with your projects.

Unlimited help dealing with clients.


You will learn:

  • How to be your own boss of your own web design company and make money from anywhere in the world like we do.
  • How to create a website from scratch (or use our professional templates).
  • How to take the concepts you just learned and implement them.
  • How to design (basically) any website you see online.
  • How to train any client to easily edit their website.
  • How to sell yourself without sounding pushy.
  • How to think about a website like an expert.
  • How to automate newsletter marketing.
  • How to create websites that sell things.
  • How to produce value for your clients.
  • How to become a web designer!

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The Web Designers Academy is a mentor program for people who want to become a self-employed web designers that can travel the world while making money.

It contains all the training we've ever made, rolled into one logically-laid-out format, and a full community where you can get any of your design work reviewed by professional web designers.

Come for the content, stay for the community.

Don’t just passively learn. Actively get help from professional web designers.

The majority of the training inside the Web Designers Academy are videos that you can watch at anytime, but the real reason you'll love it is that we have an active community of web design professionals inside the members area ready to help you with any problem you have.   

What this means: Imagine you just watched one of our trainings about making headers responsive on mobile devices. You'll be able to implement the techniques you just learned in your own private sandbox area and then get critiques and assistance from other professional web designers to make sure that you "get it".

This is far better than passively watching a video, then forgetting the information in twenty minutes.


Get critiques on all your designs

Showing a client the design you made for them is one of the staples of being a web designer, but also one of the most dreaded. Our web designer mentorship is based of decades of showing clients their new design and making sure they love it. Not only that, but before you show it to them, you can get help with it from inside our private community. You can even get live help during the Office Hours. This is all included.

Get Certified

Get a certification that actually means something. You can use it to display on your website and even as a real reference on LinkedIn. There is also a proof of certification tool on our homepage for other people to verify its integrity.

Being certified as a Web Designer doesn’t just mean you’ve answered some dumb questions on a quiz. It means you’ve started from nothing and put in the hard work, you learned all the skills you need, you participated in the community, you've grown confident in your web design ability, and you have rubbed elbows with other web design pros.


Live Interactive events to learn from, meet friends, and get personalized help:

Join our live Office Hours, Web Design Bootcamps, or Web Design Wednesdays and get help directly with your projects. If you can't make the live broadcast, you can always watch all previous live recordings and see other designs get reviewed and updated so you can learn as you watch.

This is not just a course.

This is a real mentoring, a business strategy, unlimited one-on-one help... this a complete program is designed to get you to the point where you are your own boss selling web design services to clients and you'll be able to do it from anywhere in the world (we do!).

If you are looking for a get rich quick scheme or you are looking to become a millionaire overnight... this is not for you.

This if for people who are going to put in the work to make it work.

It will not be easy but it will be worth it.


We will not let you fail, we will not let you push this off nor we will let you forget about it.


We will keep you moving forward, answering your questions and giving you the tools you need.

What's inside the Web Designers Academy?

There are two major concepts you need to understand in order to run your own web design company. All the training of the Web Designers Academy fall into either the "Design" or the "Business". Each section has logically created modules and you get unlimited individual help with every single one of them. Here are just a few of the 100+ topics covered:


  • Understanding how the best web hosting company works
  • Working with images of all shapes and sizes
  • Making websites look great on all devices
  • How to use best web design framework
  • Making a website "look good"


  • Reply to confusing customer requests
  • Finding your first sales partner
  • Managing client expectations
  • Sending digital invoices
  • Getting paid digitally

What you will learn in the Web Designers Academy


The Web Designers Academy is a mentor program that will take anyone through the process of becoming a self-employed web designer (you can run this business while traveling around the world) with a steady stream of clients.

It starts from the very basic concepts all the way through to getting sales partners (and keeping them happy). You'll also learn advanced web design techniques, marketing concepts, and so much more. Everything is included.

Think like a web designer

Getting into the web designers mindset is so important, we don't do anything until you understand this. These lessons alone are game changing.

Let's get technical

We don't teach just web design "theory" but rather show you how to create an actual website on a real domain. You'll get to follow along as we go through the entire process.

Advanced strategies

Once we cover the basics, we'll go deeper into advanced strategies you can use. These include different methods of managing clients, responsive design, setting up ecommerce and even SEO strategies.

Get lightning fast

Do you think you can start from absolutely nothing (no domain, no hosting, etc...) and build an entire website in under an hour?  The Web Designers Academy will show you how. Imagine if you could charge $1,500 for just one hour of work. It is possible.

eCommerce Websites

Depending on what the client is selling, the eCommerce technique will be slightly different. A great eCommerce site can act as a digital salesperson who is always out there, 24/7, making new sales. Clients really like this! We'll show you how to set it up.

All the help you want

One crucial mistake is learning to design without any guidance. You can struggle through this stuff on your own, but you'll be heading in the wrong direction that's not helpful. Inside the Web Designers Academy you get access to professional web designers and unlimited help.

Get Face-To-Face training

You get access to live group coaching calls called Office Hours. They happen multiple times per month, and you can ask whatever you want, live.


See what's working right now

I really love these calls because you get to see a wide variety of OTHER PEOPLE'S web design questions answered live on the spot, including re-working designs.  Often one call has changed the course of someone's design, web business, or sparked whole new ways of approaching a problem.

Full Recording Archive

All Office Hours are recorded and indexed, that means and you can watch previous office hours anytime you want (they are also searchable).  You can see a wide variety of problems and solutions other students have had.

Normally $650/hour

The normal 1-on-1 consulting rate is $650/hour, so getting group training directly from me multiple times per month is super valuable.  Ask any question, ask about any design/functionality or just sit back and watch as other people ask.

The live Office Hours and community are the most powerful part of this system!


As a student of the Web Designers Academy, you get unlimited access to the Live Office Hours. Multiple times per month we all hop on a live Zoom call and go through whatever students need:

  • We'll live re-design websites on the calls.
  • We'll re-work the mobile settings to make a design look great on tablet devices.
  • We'll live tweak portions of new client questionnaire on the calls.
  • We'll help see if a new client is going to be a pain the ass.
  • We'll re-do package pricing structures.
  • We'll help answer questions about freelancing.

Whatever the student needs, we'll do it! Any question is fair game.

Can't make one of the calls?

No worries! We have a section where you can pre-ask questions, and we'll answer them during the next Office Hours video. You can then watch the recording of the call (or any previous call) to see your question being reviewed and answered.

Why wait? Apply now!

Why put off learning one of the most in demand skills in the business world? Join the Web Designers Academy and immediately start getting actionable lessons to get you from knowing nothing about web design, to being able to build an entire website for a client that pays you thousands of dollars all while doing it from a beach in Thailand (or an igloo in Alaska, if that's your thing).

It's more than just videos and live Office Hours calls, you'll also be getting several online tools , customizable downloads to help streamline your business and even premade professional templates. You'll have unlimited access to all of these things.



We weren't always the fun world-travelin' web design team you see now... we both used to work many crappy jobs that we hated. We did everything from being a parking lot attendant, a vacuum salesman, a bank teller, a construction worker and even a telemarketer. One of us (won't say who!) even got fired from Burger King for stealing orange juice.

Things have changed.

Now we run a six-figure business together while traveling around the world and hopping countries every three months. Since we've gotten so many requests from people, we decided to teach other people (especially couples) everything we know. That's the Web Designers Academy.

If being your own boss, waking up whenever you want and traveling around the world with your significant other sounds like something you want to do, then apply for the Web Designers Academy now. Things won't change until you do something different.

See you inside the Members Area!
Amy & Ian Anderson

Enroll in the top web design mentorship program right away. New content constantly added. Unlimited personalized help. The time to learn is now.

If you are looking to become a web designer and start traveling around the world, we highly suggest enrolling in Web Designers Academy today. Imagine what's possible when you are finally in control of your life.

Not only does the Web Designers Academy give you unlimited access to all the training materials, you also get unlimited access to our community forums and Office Hours (where you get live help with any web project), advice from professionals, downloadable design templates, tons of online tools, and whatever else you need!  We are here to help you succeed.

The Web Designers Academy

  • Unlimited access to all the video training resources (learn as fast as you want).
  • Full access to tons of online tools and design templates.
  • Live Office Hours calls multiple times per month.
  • Earn a verifiable professional web designer certification.
  • Unlimited help and critiques inside the private forum.
  • Get all your questions answered and websites reviewed.

Nope! You do not need any type of college degree to make money being a web designer. There are no laws (at least in the USA) that say you need to have a degree in web design to be a web designer. All you need is to be talented enough to get clients to pay you... and we'll teach you how to do that.

Fun fact: Amy is a college drop out!

Sometimes we do! To see a sheet-free video of us working... click here. **DO NOT CLICK IF YOU ARE AT WORK!**

  • You're not going to gain the confidence from knowing you can make money anywhere.
  • You'll never feel what it's like to use your skills to bring massive value to a business.
  • You'll have to deal with people you don't want to deal with even longer.
  • You're never going to be able to travel the world while making money.
  • You'll never be able to build a steady stream of passive income.
  • You are going to be stuck at your current job even longer.
  • If you don't take this step... when will things get better?

Yes! As long as you have an internet connection, you can run your web design business. We'll show you exactly how we are able to work from anywhere (with an internet connection) and help you set the same thing up. Not only will this give you the freedom to be anywhere, this system will also send you a stream of clients so you never have to find new clients.

WDA has been built exactly for you. Since you've never done these things we can more easily mold you into a kickass web designer and give you the right tools to streamline your business in a way where you can travel the world while making money. We know how to do this, because this is how we live.

Yes! There is no difference in cost if it is just you OR if it is you and your significant other. We only have a limited number of seats available in each class and we prioritize couples over single individuals. Being able to work with your significant other is an amazing way to live.

No. The Web Designers Academy is NOT for people that want to get lost in the corporate world. Those corporate web design jobs will be about tweaking and maintaining the current corporate website while you sit in a cubicle and slowly die of boredom. Corporate web design jobs will have nothing to do with getting new clients, setting up servers, getting referrals, etc...

WordPress Plugins: While you are learning this new skill, you'll be using all of our plugins with our pro licenses. When you are at the point where you are selling web design services to other people you will need to purchase your own. This is a license issue with plugin developers, not us.

Web Server: When learning about web servers you'll watch as we show you our servers and how to use them. When it comes time for you to practice server management, you'll need to get your own. We'll show you the best companies to work with for servers.

Software: Certain software (like Adobe Photoshop) is a pro tool and is not free so we cannot share our license with you, however most software has a free, open source version. We'll show you where to find it.

As long as you keep your subscription activated you'll have access to everything. This is way more than just "web designer" training... once you are up and running and working on client projects think of how helpful it will be to have talented people ready to help you when you get stuck and feel lost. This mentorship comes with a community of people that have your back and will help you when issues come up (and they always do).

How fast do you want to be making money as a web designer? You can go through the lessons as fast as you want (some lessons will require your work to be approved). Go as fast or as slow as you want. A more exciting, more profitable life is waiting for you at the end of the training.

From our end, the Web Designers Academy is never-ending commitment to your success and we don’t offer refunds. If accepted into the program, we are fully committed to making this happen for you and we want you to feel the same way. Keep in mind that not all applicants get accepted.  You will only be accepted if we think you are a good fit for the program and that you will complete it.

Apply now for the January 1, 2022 class

If traveling around the world while making money as a self-employed web designer sounds like something you'd like to do, complete the application below: