Become a web designer and travel the world

** No college degree or experience required **

The WDA system has been designed to teach you everything you need to start your own location-independent web design business so you can finally be free.


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Live virtual events

Live virtual events

Connect with trainers (and other students) multiple times per month to get live help, questions answered and to learn new ideas.


This is not just a course.

This is a real mentoring, a business strategy, unlimited one-on-one help... this a complete program is designed to get you to the point where you are your own boss selling web design services to clients and you'll be able to do it from anywhere in the world (this is exactly what we do!).


You will learn

  • How to be your own boss of your own web design company and make money from anywhere in the world (like we do).
  • How to create a website from scratch (or use our professional templates).
  • How to design (basically) any website you see online.
  • How to train any client to easily edit their website.
  • How to sell yourself without sounding pushy.
  • How to think about a website like an expert.
  • How to create websites that sell things.
  • How to produce value for your clients.
  • How to become a web designer!
  • and so much more

Everything is unlimited 🥳🎉

Training Access

Learn from over one hundred modules that walk you through everything you need to know. Rewatch at anytime.

Office Hours Invites

Share your screen on a live group video call to get instant feedback, ask questions and meet other students.

Expert Help

Ask one of our trainers for help on any training topic or real life client project that you need help with.

Dealing With Clients

Some clients can be unreasonable. We know, we've been there. We will help you out with any client request.

Design Critiques

Hhhmm. Does that look right? Could it be better? Submit your work and get suggestions to make it sexier.

Tools & Downloads

From the Problem Solver and Pricing Calculator to the premade agreements and pro templates.

You are not alone

While the training, tools and downloads are amazing, what you'll really love is the people. You'll have unlimited access to talented people (trainers and other students) that will help you with any problem and make sure you keep moving forward.

Come for the content, stay for the community.

Sure, you can work at some boring-ass, soul-crushing cubicle job...



You can work from anywhere and join the "New Rich"

This is about more than just web design, it's really about...


When you can live anywhere and work anytime, then your life becomes about what YOU want.


You decide

  • When you wake up in the morning
  • When you want to work
  • When you go to the beach


Now it's your choice

  • How you spend your day
  • Where you want to live (pick any country!)
  • Who you spend your time with


If your question is not listed below please send us a message and ask. We'll write back. Promise.

Nope! You do not need any type of college degree to make money being a web designer. There are no laws (at least in the USA) that say you need to have a degree in web design to be a web designer. All you need is to be talented enough to get clients to pay you... and we'll teach you how to do that.

Fun fact: Amy is a college drop out!

Sometimes we do! To see a sheet-free video of us working... click here. **DO NOT CLICK IF YOU ARE AT WORK!**

  • You're not going to gain the confidence from knowing you can make money anywhere.
  • You'll never feel what it's like to use your skills to bring massive value to a business.
  • You'll have to deal with people you don't want to deal with even longer.
  • You're never going to be able to travel the world while making money.
  • You'll never be able to build a steady stream of passive income.
  • You are going to be stuck at your current job even longer.
  • If you don't take this step... when will things get better?

Yes! As long as you have an internet connection, you can run your web design business. We'll show you exactly how we are able to work from anywhere (with an internet connection) and help you set the same thing up. Not only will this give you the freedom to be anywhere, this system will also send you a stream of clients so you never have to find new clients.

WDA has been built exactly for you. Since you've never done these things we can more easily mold you into a kickass web designer and give you the right tools to streamline your business in a way where you can travel the world while making money. We know how to do this, because this is how we live.

Yes! There is no difference in cost if it is just you OR if it is you and your significant other. We only have a limited number of seats available in each class and we prioritize couples over single individuals. Being able to work with your significant other is an amazing way to live.

No. The Web Designers Academy is NOT for people that want to get lost in the corporate world. Those corporate web design jobs will be about tweaking and maintaining the current corporate website while you sit in a cubicle and slowly die of boredom. Corporate web design jobs will have nothing to do with getting new clients, setting up servers, getting referrals, etc...

WordPress Plugins: While you are learning this new skill, you'll be using all of our plugins with our pro licenses. When you are at the point where you are selling web design services to other people you will need to purchase your own. This is a license issue with plugin developers, not us.

Web Server: When learning about web servers you'll watch as we show you our servers and how to use them. When it comes time for you to practice server management, you'll need to get your own. We'll show you the best companies to work with for servers.

Software: Certain software (like Adobe Photoshop) is a pro tool and is not free so we cannot share our license with you, however most software has a free, open source version. We'll show you where to find it.

As long as you keep your subscription activated you'll have access to everything. This is way more than just "web designer" training... once you are up and running and working on client projects think of how helpful it will be to have talented people ready to help you when you get stuck and feel lost. This mentorship comes with a community of people that have your back and will help you when issues come up (and they always do).

How fast do you want to be making money as a web designer? You can go through the lessons as fast as you want (some lessons will require your work to be approved). Go as fast or as slow as you want. A more exciting, more profitable life is waiting for you at the end of the training.

From our end, the Web Designers Academy is never-ending commitment to your success and we don’t offer refunds. If accepted into the program, we are fully committed to making this happen for you and we want you to feel the same way. Keep in mind that not all applicants get accepted.  You will only be accepted if we think you are a good fit for the program and that you will complete it.

Join people that are living their "best life".

You'll see immediate results: in the first 6 minutes of the program when you are drastically changing a website (and ❤️ing how easy it is).


Out of the people you personally know, how many of them are able to make money while they are traveling around the world?

Exactly. Over a decade ago we had the same exact problem. Most people we knew were regular employees who didn't like their work very much but yet they did the same job year after year. The bar they set for their life was getting lower and lower. Their dreams were fading. They were bored, exhausted and lacked any motivation to try something else.

Worst of all, it didn't seem to bother them. They just accepted it.

But, we wanted something more. We knew that we could have a life filled with adventure and a constant stream of new and exciting experiences but we didn't have anybody that could teach us how to do it.

So we figured it out ourselves.

We built a successful location-independent web design business and we travel around the world together while making money.

Now, we want to share everything we know.

That's why we built the Web Designers Academy - to give motivated people (like you) the knowledge, tools and personal guidance to design an adventurous life.

Ian & Amy Anderson

Apply Now

We are currently accepting applications for the class starting on January 1, 2022. Your application must be submitted before December 15, 2021. You don't have that much time to apply:

There are a total of 10 spots available. Applying does not guarantee a spot. We are looking for people (or couples!) that are happy to put in the work to learn a new skill and build a business. Spots will be given on a first come first serve basis (couples get priority over single people), so apply now.

Note: If you are looking for a "get rich quick" scheme or think you are going to become a millionaire overnight... this program is not for you.