Web Design Inspiration: Get Inspired By Harvest Time Tracking


By Web Designers Academy

Get inspired by the web design of a simple time tracking service called Harvest.  We’ve never used the Harvest time tracking service, but if the people that designed the website are the people that designed the Harvest interface… then it’s probably awesome.

Here’s why we like it:

Overall: Harvest is a great combination of eye-candy and easy to read copy

Colors: Harvest uses a few bright, happy colors (orange and shades of blues)

Copy: Is very easy to consume.  Harvest uses large headings with one paragraph of text under it… not miles and miles of text that nobody is ever going to read (take note copywriters).

Eye Candy: Great use of background images… the line chart and the swoosh of colorful logos are awesome!  Great job!

Check This Out

Below is a full length screenshot of the Harvest > Tour page (as of 3/6/2016) for you to get inspired by…

If you want to see the design in action visit https://www.getharvest.com/tour