While this series of inspiration for web designers is all about the design of the website and NOT about the actual company/product… this one happens to be both.

First off… the product.

If you don’t use DropBox, stop reading this and go get it. That is NOT an affiliate link, it’s just a smart thing to use and it’s on our Resources page (which you should totally see!).

WHAT IS DROPBOX? While the website says “Get to all your files from anywhere, on any device, and share them with anyone.”… the real reason you NEED dropbox is “When your computer dies (and it will) you can buy a new computer and have all your files back quickly… you will now lose a thing”.

We have been using Dropbox for years and highly recommend it to anyone that works on computers for a living… talking to you web designers from around the world!

Onto the design inspiration!

The Big Picture (ummm I mean, Screenshot)

Something interesting happens when you take a full length screenshot of a website, then zoom out so you can see the entire page on one screen… certain things become apparent that are otherwise hard to notice when scrolling down in a browser.

Here are just some of the reason we love this design:

  • The hand drawn graphics are all form the same set / designer (too often companies mix and match image styles and they look terrible).  The sun is always the same color, the green is always the same color.  Consistency is good!
  • The logo blue is also the signup button color
  • Love the happy hand drawn graphics, they make the homepage very inviting
  • The content of the page alternated from a image/copy layout to a copy/layout down the page… this keeps it interesting when scrolling
  • The content is made up of a big headline and a paragraph of text (people HATE gigantic blocks of text, give em bite-sized chunks)
  • Each section of content has a + button if you want to learn more (this is smart because it doesn’t force the content on everyone… just the people that want to read it)
  • Signup form is at the top AND bottom of the page (great idea!)

Here is the gorgeous homepage (as of 3/23/2016)

If you want to see this design live go checkout DropBox