Web Design Inspiration: The (Updated) Learn Gravity Forms Homepage


By Web Designers Academy

Since late February the Learn Gravity Forms course has been teaching people how to do amazing things with Gravity Forms that they never thought possible.  It’s really changing how people use the form plugin.

Recently (as in last weekend) we completely changed the homepage design and we want to break it down for you here.

Here’s why it’s awesome:

  • The first screen is filled with a blue-ish computer background image and a very simple large heading.  This big green button serves as a quick way for people to buy the course.
  • All the headings are formatted the same (color changes, but the font/size is the same)
  • Sections have a bit of text (not too much) and have a different blue-ish background image/color
  • We added a few testimonials from people (including me, Amy!)
  • The green “buy” button appears twice and simply links down to the pricing table at the bottom of the page
  • You can’t see it in the screenshot below but there are also two optin forms – one that scroll down with the user on the right hand side and one that pops up when the visitor is about to leave.  Both are offering 3 free lessons from the course.

This is what the homepage looks like as of 5/14/2016