Web Designer Inspiration: Old Evernote Homepage VS NEW Evernote Homepage


By Web Designers Academy

I love Evernote.

It’s amazing… and I don’t call many things amazing.

However most recently it was the mouth-gasm inducing hybrid food I found called, the Sushi Burrito, yeah it’s a thing… ya gotta try it.

This post isn’t going to try and convince you to use Evernote for keeping track of client meets, scanning business receipts and planning your world domination.


Nor is this post going to be about how I’ve typed, sketched and photographed the insane ideas that come out of my head and are now stored safely in Evernote in a notebook named “When I’m Rich Ideas”.  Nor is it about how I’ve used Evernote since 2009 and have collected 759 notes.

Seriously, here’s proof:

This web designer inspiration post is actually about the Evernote homepage, in fact you’re in for a treat because it’s actually about TWO Evernote homepages.

I can hear the condescending tone now… “What did you say Ian?  Two homepage?  That’s not a thing!”

Normally I would agree with you but with the power of time-travel we’re going to compare the Evernote of today (7/21/2016) with the Evernote of about 7 months (1/24/ 2016). #it’sgonnabegenius

What?  Is it weird that I screenshot cool website homepages… just incase I may ever need them?   I don’t think so.

So here they are, in a birds eye view (seeing them like this lets you see the whole design as opposed to getting stuck on the tiny details) of the entire length of the homepage.  The older homepage is on the left and the newer homepage is on the right… check em out and then keep scrolling for some insight as to why it’s awesome.

Here are my (somewhat) rambling thoughts… keep in mind I’m hungry:

  • Old Evernote used a lot more visually interesting photos than the New Evernote.  I’m assuming they are now going for a cleaner, simpler look (which I’m a fan of).
  • They’ve kept the same basic color scheme, just a few shades of blue and green.
  • They really want you to know that Evernote can now be used with Google Drive.
  • The banner copy is still focused on you organizing things that are important to you.
  • They still use short blocks of text with bolder headlines to display their content down the page… which is a common design feature we’ve seen in previous Web Designer Inspiration)
  • Thy moved the signup form (Email + Password) down to the bottom of the page… that doesn’t seem like a good idea to me… but then again what do I know, I’m not worth millions of dollars (yet!)
  • The older version emphasized all the different devices (total of 8) that you can use Evernote on… the new one only shows three different devices.
  • It never occured to me until I put them side by side, but the OLD banner is really busy… look at all those things floating around hat guys head!
  • The new graphics are a bit more playful and more colorful and not so business-ey
  • The price for their Premium service went up by $20 (do you know how many Sushi Burritos I can get for that?  About two Baja Sushi Burritos at On A Roll in Downtown Tampa)

Final thought: Overall the new Evernote design gets even cleaner yet stays consistent with the brand.  Evernote is easy to use, simple and fun and that is reflected on their new homepage.  Great job guys!

So what do you think?  Which one is better?  Post your answer on Twitter / Facebook and link to this page and let’s see who wins, the old or new Evernote homepage.