What do you want to see on WDA? Share your opinion.


By Web Designers Academy


We are here because we want to help you.

We want to make every day more enjoyable, more productive and more profitable for you.

Every blog post we write, every design we create, every Toolkit tool we make is for this fantastic-ly huge goal.  And we’re just getting started.

Today, we’re excited to share with you some website features we think will grow this community, make it more interactive and help a larger number of people.

But… before we do anything we want to know what you think.  We want to know what will help YOU the most.

Below are eight different ideas we had in mind with a short description next to each.  Read them all and then vote on your favorite below.


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Gravity Forms Video Email Course

A free 5 week email course about Gravity Forms… each week you’ll receive a new video walking you through a new section of GF.  You’ll also learn how to create cool things like user submitted posts, simple shopping cart, etc..

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My Work Day

A peek inside the daily lives of web designers all over the world. See what their office looks like, what time do they start work, what’s the coolest website they worked on, what programs do they use, what kind of computer/phone they use, etc…

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Design Competition

We’ve successfully ran one of these before (see it here), but if you are not familiar with it we ask WDA readers to submit their best work, everyone votes on it and eventually one winner is crowned.

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What’s The Best ____?

What’s the best responsive slider? What’s the best column shortcode plugin? What’s the best accounting system for web designers? We’ll start by asking for reader submissions, then everyone will vote on those submissions and eventually one winner will be crowned.

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My Biggest Challenge

Readers can submit their biggest challenge they are facing right now (preparing for tax season, landing a government contract, should I fire a disaster client?, etc..), we’ll pick the best/most interesting one, post it and let other readers can suggest ways to help.

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Ask Ian & Amy

A short (less than 5 minute), fun podcast where we answer open-ended questions that WDA readers submit (using your microphone). You can ask us anything from… Photoshop help, how to work with your spouse without killing them, how to stay fit when you work at home, best home office setup, how do we feel about the tax system in the United States, etc…

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Live Q&A

We find an expert in a particular subject (example: one of the lead Firefox developers OR the guy that created WP Touch Pro plugin OR the website manager for the New York Times, etc…) and arrange for them to be available at a certain time to answer any questions you might have using the comment system on WDA.

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Fail Mail

How many times have you received an email like this “Can you add these photos to our website”? Of course the email has no attachments and no indication as to what page the photos should go on, etc.. It’s so bad… we think it’s funny. Readers take a screenshot of their awful client emails (blocking out any sensitive information), submit it, we’ll publish it and we’ll all chuckle into our keyboards.

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Now that you’ve read them all, now it’s time to vote.  You CAN vote on more than one!

Remember, the future of the Web Designer’s Academy will be based off what you vote on.

This is powerful stuff.  Go for it.