It sucks when people prey on others who know less then them.

It’s like offering a kid 7 pennies for 1 quarter.

Kids think that’s a great deal because they don’t understand the value of each coin… they just see more coins and think that more coins = more value.

But that’s not true.

Unfortunately this happens all the time to business people (online and offline) and just a few days ago this happened to one of our clients.

So we needed to educate them on what is really going on, and we thought we’d share it here incase you have to deal with this.

The Email We Received

Wow.  Seriously?

This ‘seo guy’ is trying to sell my client a new website by building fear and doubt WordPress and Google.

Thankfully my client wrote me this email and didn’t just hand over money to this shady guy.

So what do you do when you get an email like this?

Just copy and paste this…

The Reply We Wrote

After being angry that someone would do this to someone else, we sat down and wrote an email together.

It’s below in text so you can copy and paste it.

It’s kinda long, but it gets the point across and more importantly works as our client realized what was going on.


Not only have I never heard of anything like that, I would say that the opposite is true and WP is excellent to help SEO efforts.

Below is a link to an article/video where Matt Cutts (Matt Cutts is the head of Google’s Web Spam Team) talks quite highly about the mechanics behind WP and the benefits of using WordPress when it comes to SEO.

Around the three minute mark in the video he starts to get into WP (with an opening slide that says “WordPress is a great choice” and he references how using WP is a smart choice and how it solves a bunch of SEO issues)

Here is the link to the video.

Additional supporting information about WP:

A) Matt Cutts from Google uses WP for his own personal blog.

B) Here is a link to some big companies (New York Times, CNN, Forbes and a bunch more) that also utilize WP:

Like Matt mentioned in the video the mechanics behind WordPress is great for SEO, however for SEO efforts to work it comes down to other SEO practices as well.

Getting Google to rank your site well comes down to many factors, but one of the most important is having a lot of unique, high quality content. In the link that I provided above to the video, underneath it lists a bunch of important items to take into consideration for Google to “like” your site.

When it comes to creating a website or blog, using WordPress is a great choice and it certainly isn’t disliked by Google.

What Google doesn’t like or rank well is poor content, spammy backlinks etc. So a site will get penalized by Google for having elements such as low quality content, but it has nothing to do with running the site on WP.

Just for your reference…over the last couple of years Google has really cracked down and penalized sites that have poor content, have a lot of low quality backlinks, overuse of meta data such as keywords, etc. Here is a link to some of the major changes:

I was really surprised to hear that an SEO company would say that about WP (we actually had a good laugh over their comment.) I obviously don’t know anything about this SEO company so it wouldn’t be fair for me to make assumptions about them/their practices without having all of the facts. But my first thought about their comment was that they might be trying to sell their services to you using false information… and if they are, that’s certainly not cool.

Hope this helps.

Let me know if you have any questions.


That’s how it’s done

Some Additional Email Writing Tips

Maybe your client didn’t write an email exactly like the one we received, so we put together some tips on writing emails that will make you a an email writing master.

  1. Educating people is the best way to help your case
  2. Don’t ever write emails when you are mad (people can feel it)
  3. Provide links to independent third party websites that help your case
  4. Address the issue head on, but do it nicely
  5. Showing that huge companies use WordPress, really helped our client understand that WP works, so if you can refer to big companies to prove your point… do it
  6. Be yourself

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