This question has been plaguing people for centuries. Back in 551 BC, the great Chinese philosopher Confucius once asked a group of meditating monks “What’s the difference between a Parallax and a Photo row background?”… and the answer they gave him has been passed down for centuries. It’s been kept and only allowed to be spoken in whispers when alone in the forest.

But today, you’ll learn this great secret.

Ok fine, I made all that stuff up. 🙂

Here’s the real deal… I got an email from Thomas P. from the great state of California and he asked me about what is the difference between a Parallax and a Photo row background in Beaver Builder is and I thought I’d put together a short 2-ish minute video to demonstrate.

HINT: it all comes down to a little slide-y effect

Get it now? It turns your row background into a Slidey McSlideface.

PS: If you don’t have Beaver Builder, you need to get yourself a copy now. Like right now. Stop reading.