Whip Your Clients Into Communicating Better (without a whip)


By Web Designers Academy


CLIENT EMAIL: Can you upload the pdf on my desktop to the web page that talks about Bob and put it near the things in the middle? Thanx!

YOUR REPLY: UUmmmm. What?

And so begins 17 back and forth emails about what pdf goes on what page… aka = a big fat waste of your time.

I don’t know how many times this happens to you in a normal day… once? Twice? But if you add up all that wasted time over the course of an entire year, you’d probably have saved enough time for a week long cruise to Central America.

The problem is that your clients have bad communication skills. Really. I know that sounds harsh, but haven’t you dealt with this type of vague, incomplete email exchange before? Sure you have… and it sucks.

If only there was some way to fix the problem of bad communication.

If only you could get your clients to give you concise direction, correct login details, etc… on the first try? Wouldn’t that be great?

This video can help.

Ok, no not that video… the one below.  Scroll on!

Share This Video With Your Clients

In an effort to help people (aka your clients) communicate via email better we created a short one-minute animated video that quickly covers 4 big pain-in-the-ass points that we, as web designers, face.

The animated video quickly shows clients what to look out for, how best to communicate, etc… and since we’ve been using it… things have been getting better.

All clients are not magically communication 100% clearly after watching that video, but they are better.

What we recommend is that you embed this YouTube video on your website, send our a blast email to all your existing clients telling them to check it out and all new clients should see this video before you take the first job from them.

Whew… I know that’s a lot, but here it is in all it’s 68 seconds of glory!

NOTE: There is a non-branded version of this video in the Toolkit!

We hope you like it, use it and it streamlines your communications with clients!

Amy Anderson