A little over a week ago we ran a giveaway for a free LIFETIME membership to the Toolkit & Design Club (see it here)

It was valued at over $5,000.

That’s huge.

A lot of awesome people entered the giveaway, but there was only one winner.

and that winner is….

[dramatic music]

Roberto from the great country of Spain (and his adorable son who will probably be the best web designer ever)!

Visit his website here and tell him how awesome he is.

What’s the secret?

The secret to winning (as Roberto discovered) was after you would enter your email it would give you a personalized link, if you shared your personalized link on social media and someone else entered the giveaway… you would get 3 extra entries for every person that signed up.


Thanks to Roberto and everyone who entered the giveaway!

It was fun and we’ll do it again soon!