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Never has one little box been able to do so much.
Turn your website into something amazing… with very little effort.

What will you create?

Below are just a few creative examples of what you can make with WP Triggers.
Think of a Trigger Box as a treasure chest that you can put anything in!

Zip Code Search

Enter your zip code to see if we deliver our yummy food to your area (demo 1: 33615 demo 2: 33919)


Promote Musicians / Bands

To listen to an unreleased song, type the first word from song 6  (demo: hipster


Physical Product Offer

As a way of saying thank you for buying a Relaxation product, enter the serial number under the back label. (demo: 36473)
(NOTE: this Triggerbox only accepts numbers and will disappear!)


WordPress Shortcodes

To see photos from the NDC15 Conference enter the secret word from the end of the last presentation (demo: success)


Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Join our pint-sized hero Kevin on a magical journey!  Say “hello” to start reading.


Virtual Scavenger Hunt

Explore the Tampa Bay Area and earn a prize!  Type go and hit Enter to get started.


Secret Page Redirect

What's the name of Ian's first dog he had as a child? (demo: Princess)


Collect Email Addresses

Enter your email below and hit Enter to receive a 50% off coupon that you can use at next years Florida State Fair for your and a friend
(demo: use a real email address)


Promote Authors / Books

To watch a five minute behind the scenes video with the author, enter the first word on page 55 from the book. (demo: love)


Getting visitors to pay attention to your website is easy when using WP Triggers.

"WP Triggers is one of the most creative and underrated plugins on the market" - Isaac Williams http://www.talentsexpd.com/

Incredible power has never been so easy

You’ve just seen some of the clever things it can do, now learn how easy it is to make it happen. Use the dots at the bottom to scroll through photos of the admin area.

You can also try it yourself by checking out the WP Triggers Demo! No signup required.

Watch WP Triggers in action

Watch a short video and see exactly how you create a new trigger box, embed a trigger box on a page, style the box and button and how to manage your trigger boxes.  If you love the idea, snag yourself a copy here.

This little box has changed everything… again.