Take your website visitors from "meh" to "holy f%@# that's cool" in minutes

Create Trigger Boxes that display hidden content if a secret code is entered

Here's how WP Triggers works...

Forget fiddling around PHP code or spending hundreds on developers to create interactive features. WP Triggers helps you create "WOW" experiences in just three simple steps.

Step 1: Add your triggers

What's the secret word or number that someone should type into your Trigger Box?

Maybe it's a zip code you deliver to or a number spoken during your latest podcast or a word from page 34 of your new book or the name of a character from your favorite movie. You can also use wildcards (like %) and number ranges to save tons of time.


Step 2: Add unique actions

If the visitor types in one of your triggers, what should happen? If the visitor doesn't type in one of your triggers, what should happen?

Either way you can display some text, a video, a photo, a Google Map, a downloadable PDF, redirect the visitor to a secret URL (with a URL variable), include an email Opt-In Box and more!

You don't have to start from scratch either... you can download our example Trigger Boxes  to get you going!

Step 3. Customize settings & embed your Trigger Box

Only allow numbers to be entered, hide the box after submission, add a unique submit button (with custom text), make it shake a little, make the text larger, centered and a lot more!

Once saved, use the automatically generated shortcode or the custom WP Triggers Gutenberg block to embed your Trigger Box on any page or post.

Watch the video to see how easy it is.


"WP Triggers is one of the most creative and underrated plugins on the market"
Isaac Williams

Say hello to Version 5

WP Triggers now plays nicely with Gutenberg, makes it easier to stay in touch with visitors, help you respond intelligently and saves you time when typing large sets of numbers! Click any + symbol to read documentation.

Submitted Trigger Variable

Use the text that the visitor submitted in fun new ways! Just add the shortcode [submittedtrigger] to any message or URL redirect to include the trigger.

Number Range

You know what's not fun? Typing out 331, 332, 334 all the way to 556. You can now use use number ranges by adding three dots, like this 331...556

Optin Box

If the visitor does not enter in a valid trigger you can now ask them to submit their email address (then export all email in Trigger History).

Gutenberg Block

WordPress now uses the Gutenberg editor as default and now WP Triggers has a special block you can use in your page layouts.

Bug Fixes & Tweaks

WP Triggers is now more compatible with the latest version of WordPress, doesn't delete your data when you delete the plugin and more!


You've now got the complete WordPress editor in every Trigger Box so you can add bold, images, links, headings, and more a lot easier!

Just imagine what's possible

Below are just a few creative examples of what you can do with WP Triggers.
Think of a WP Triggers as a treasure chest that you can put anything in!

Note: You can download these examples from the WP Triggers Guide

Reward Your Fans

What was the secret word from our latest YouTube Vlog? (Demo 1: Extreme | Demo 2: Coachella)


Create A Choose Your Own Adventure Story

Join our pint-sized hero Kevin on a magical journey!  Say hello Kevin to start reading.


Zip Code Search

Enter your zip code to see if we deliver our yummy food to your area (Demo 1: 33615 | Demo 2: 33917 | Demo 3: Any other zip code)


Sell More Music

To listen to an unreleased song, type the first word Harry sings on Track #6  (Demo: Hipster)


Attract More Tourists

Virtually explore the Tampa Bay area and earn a delicious prize if you find all three unique places!

Type go and hit Enter on your keyboard to get started.


Sell More Products

As a way of saying thank you for buying a Relaxation product, enter the serial number under the back label. (Demo: enter in any number between 356276 and 371732)


Secret Page Redirect

What's the first name of main female spy in 1977 James Bond movie The Spy Who Loved Me? (Demo 1: Anya | Demo 2: James)


Sell More Books

To watch a five minute behind the scenes video with the author, enter the first word on page 55 from the book. (Demo: love)


Grow Your Mailing List

Enter your email below and hit Enter to receive a free ticket to our next event! (Demo 1: use a real email address | Demo 2: Try and something other than an email address)


Customer Support Robot

With WP Triggers you can create a simple robot that answers customer questions. Some of things it can do is (Demo 1) show the visitor the correct web form to fill out, (Demo 2) display driving directions and a map, (Demo 3) redirect the visitor to another page and will even collect their email address if the topic does not yet have an answer, so you can email the customer directly.

Hi, I'm Rosie and I'm here to help!

I'm a customer service robot and I can get you the information you need. Enter a topic like "Refunds" or "Directions" and I'll find the correct information. If I don't know the answer, you can submit your email address and a human member of our team will get back to you with more information about your topic.

(Demo 1: Refund | Demo 2: Directions | Demo 3: Hours)


Watch WP Triggers in action

Watch a short video and see exactly how you create a new trigger box, embed a trigger box on a page, style the box and button and how to manage your trigger boxes.  If you love the idea, snag yourself a copy here.