Yay! It’s a free Photoshop Promo File (with tacos)!


By Web Designers Academy

Getting people to pay attention to your message is the hardest thing to do.

Sure… you may have an amazing, ground breaking product or service but let’s be honest with each other… to most people… it’s just like the rest of em’ out there.

So, what’s a girl to do?

The answer is simple: do your best to WOW em’ whenever you can – that takes us to this free file.

Newsletter Change

Recently we decided to switch up our newsletter offer to gain some new subscribers and give some amazing value for free.  Previously we were giving away 3 client focused questionnaires that we developed over the course of 5 years.  The questionnaires were created, tweaked and changed until they were perfect and then we gave them away for free.  Sweet, right?

It was!

And it helped more people learn about the WDA.

So it worked very well!

However, recently new subscribers were slowing down (sad) so we needed to make a change.

HHHHHmmmm.  What to do?

After thinking about the best way to give more value (and a few glasses of wine by the pool!) we decided to take some of the best Toolkit files, package them up and give them away as the free gift. #genius

That was a great idea… but then we also said… “Hey why don’t we give away a sweet discount on Toolkit membership within the free gift” #evenmoregenius

And so we came up with this gorgeous, colorful file that is in the root of the free gift .zip file:

and here is what the file looks like in Photoshop:


You can download that file below, but I did just want to points out a few things and give a few design pointers when you go make your own:

  1. The green background is the same green color that is used on the WDA site, which is documented in our public Branding Guide.  Consistency is important!
  2. Notice the blue lines… those are Guides and they are really useful to keep things lined up.  See how all the text lines up perfectly on the left?  It’s kinda hard to see in the above screenshot but at the very bottom is a line of disclaimer text that is perfectly lines up with the bottom of the WDA crest on the right.
  3. See how the tacos follow a similar curve/angle to the large words?
  4. We also lined up the bottom of the smaller taco with the bottom of the word TOOLKIT.
  5. Notice how the color of the promo code (which was X’d out for this file) is the same color as the taco shells?  That was not an accident.
  6. To draw attention to the offer it was put in big, uppercase, bold font.  It’s only a few words and not a paragraph of text (people won’t read it!)
  7. The tacos are half off the image, making a visual impact and making it a bit more interesting.  Where’s the other end of the taco?  Is Ian eating it?  We’ll never know.

So enough analyzing and explaining… bring on the free download!  Just click the button below:

Make something gorgeous!

Your friends,
Amy & Ian Anderson

PS: I have found my new obsession… playing with real cats but virtually!  OMG this is the best thing ever!  It’s a webcam in an animal shelter that has internet connected toys in the room where the kitties are, so you can control the camera and click buttons to move the toys in the kitty room making the kitties play with them.  AAAwwwwww.  I love the Internet.

Click the screenshot to play with kitties.